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About us

The pleasant spring weather attracts many visitors to Ljubljana for a stroll along the Ljubljanica River to the beautifully renovated Eipprova ulica street in Trnovo, where they love to stop at Dežela okusov and taste the culinary delights. At the Dežela okusov restaurant, no one is left indifferent, because the food is masterfully prepared, with full flavours, even for sensitive guests with allergies. Food with great flavours is a priority, and guests enjoy a pleasant garden and stylish interior that offers maximum satisfaction to all guests.

Rosi Zgonc d.o.o. is a family company with rich entrepreneurial experience launched in 2015 with the Dežela okusov restaurant. The original concept of “plenty of beer and meat” was upgraded in 2021 and the offer was adapted to those guests who for various reasons do not or can not eat foods containing gluten. This led to the only gluten-free restaurant in Ljubljana in 2021 and the second 100% gluten-free restaurant in Slovenia. B&B accommodation has been offered since 2018. When upgrading the offer, we paid a lot of attention to preserving the best of the past and adding something of the noble present to it. The project of transformation into a gluten-free restaurant in 2021 was a challenge as the supply of gluten-free raw materials or foods is truly modest in our market. Nevertheless, we managed a quality makeover with a lot of effort, expert help and good will, which is confirmed by the positive reactions of many guests of the restaurant. We ensure a high degree of cleanliness and order in our work. All the food coming to the restaurant is washed upon arrival before storage or processing to ensure that no contamination with gluten can occur during the preparation process.

Today’s rich and diverse culinary and wine offer that replaced the former concept of “plenty of beer and meat” offers guests true culinary pampering and guests are thrilled by the appearance of dishes and richness of flavours. Gluten-free dishes are no different from regular gluten-containing dishes as gluten is tasteless and odourless. Thus, Dežela okusov is the only Ljubljana culinary destination providing a 100%-safe gluten-free environment, so even those who avoid or must avoid gluten can enjoy top-quality culinary masterpieces.

The wide range of dishes on offer at the Dežela okusov restaurant includes a variety of starters, soups, gnocchi, pastas and risottos, as well as house specialities such as rack of lamb, ribeye steak, baby ribs with fries, and Black Angus Country Flank, Florentine steak 45-day dry-aged on the bone, pork cheeks on mashed potatoes with porcini sauce, Vienna-style chicken steak with fries, chicken FIT plate, Egyptian Tauk – Shawerma, various fish dishes, salads and meatless main courses. The meal can be “seasoned” with desserts such as chocolate soufflé, panna cotta with forest fruits, homemade cottage cheese dumplings and cakes.

We participate in the Open Kitchen (Odprta kuhna) project, which is a gourmet culinary market on Fridays at Pogačarjev trg Square in Ljubljana that brings the delicacies of the best kitchens from all corners of the country. The dishes Dežela okusov offers at the Open Kitchen are not gluten-free, since the location does not ensure a safe gluten-free environment. A walk between the stands fascinates with a wonderfully colourful mix of dishes and drinks. Dežela okusov also showcases its masterpieces at the Open Kitchen, preparing delicious Egyptian dishes – Shawerma and Tauk – under the name of the Taste of Egypt.

Otherwise, guests will be warmly welcomed in a pleasant and homely ambience on picturesque Eipprova ulica street where the mornings smell like the excellent coffee we roast ourselves, and the days are filled with the aromas of dishes from countries near and far. At Dežela okusov, we bake our own gluten free bread and prepare delicious gnocchi ourselves, as well as delicious cakes, taking the guests all over the world with the choice of dishes and drinks.

In 2018 nicely furnished the rooms for guests of all ages and of all price ranges were opened on the first floor of the house, and a year later a family suite was added to the offer. The rooms enable a peaceful and comfortable rest, with a freshly prepared gluten-free breakfast every morning in their excellent restaurant. All rooms are air-conditioned with a ventilation, heating and cooling system that adapts to external temperatures.

“We always serve our esteemed guests with quality. We like working with people and trying to make our guests happy,” Robert Zgonc says of his work tasks of managing and organising work in the company.

The vision of the restaurant is to be accessible to the young and the elderly alike, to all generations. The team consists of 12 employees, all young at heart and in age. We make delicious food prepared on ceramic grills on an open fire using homemade BIO charcoal. With great effort, good will, and an excellent team we have created the well-recognised Dežela okusov restaurant and the responses of our guests show that we have very much succeeded in our mission. Therefore, anyone who likes to enjoy excellent culinary experiences is invited to visit us as soon as possible.

Eipprova ulica 11,
1000 Ljubljana

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